What is Ahamove?

Vietnam’s AhaMove, an Uber-like service for logistics, seeks to disrupt the current business models and address the country’s logistics sector’s “severe fragmentation and inefficiency,”. Similarly to Uber, AhaMove provides users with a platform where truck drivers and consumers can connect. Such a platform not only allows massive process simplification, but also allows consumers to benefit from lower services costs. In an exclusive interview with, Tran shares the story behind AhaMove, their purposes, the challenges they had to overcome, and their plans for the coming months.

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Current Pain Points

  • The icon package doesn't consider the concept and obscure meaning of the context.

  • The booking flow takes more than 5 steps to finish the booking. It makes the user easy to give up when putting the information

  • The UX using in there quite out a trend from two years ago, it should have a plan to rework to following in trend and improve the user need.

  • Using too much dialog for input fields, choose the service. The downside is hardly handled on various mobile screens

Big Questions

How do we minimize the core order's steps?

How the user quickly know how many and what kind of services to choose?

How do we encourage the user to fill the recipient information to make the driver easy to get the precise details?


Interaction Box

Current App

New Wireframe

  • Moved interaction box to the top instead of the bottom, therefore the eye contact will be peer to peer that they don’t need to move the eyesight down to action on this box.

  • We didn't show the call to action button immediately, because there were few steps have to be done when the user wants to go to the next screens. Forcing the user to have to concentrate and complete on the mandatory requirements will not bad ideas.

  • The content on each main section needs to group and give a clear context to the user.

Recipient's Information

Current App

New Wireframe

  • Avoid abuse too much the dialogs on the entire apps, except confirmation or promotion dialog
- The user can input the recipients' information as full screen. Technically, it will be more stable and feel comfortable with whitespace.

  • Moreover, we will save the effort for implementing on various devices.

Choose Service Options

Current App

New Wireframe

  • List down all related services via the list to bring an overview with a short description and estimated the price on each one to the user.

  • Use the carousel slider as popup fullscreen if the user wants to know about the details on each service.

Booking Details

Current App

New Wireframe


Choose the location to pick up



Choose the location to pick up

Booking details


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Add more stop points in route