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Redesign a monitoring solution for electronic communication- UX Design Sprint (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

What is MessageWatcher?

MessageWatcher offers a monitoring solution for electronic communication in the business. They take all employee’s electronic communication on Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bloomberg, and specific website, and then run it by their automated engine. Employee’s communication is elevating and flagged. This policy tool allows the organization to define bad keywords to be using in this reporting and the message is sending to admin. The organization will recover value time, money and security to manage their employees

Team Size:

Client, Head of Product, CTO, Product Manager and Product Designer (me).

The Challenge

As any different project, each challenge brings us new feeling on arousing the energy in exploration and conquer.

Approaching the huge data in the system . We can’t jump too much on the back-end. Besides, the portal web-app is hard to go through overwhelmed layouts on first days.This platform has sensitive things in the business type. Industry about track employees electronic communication is not well-known on the market.The system was establishing in 1999. Our client even has not consider about the UI/UX for 20 years.The privacy has high-security facilities. The industry has high security so complicated to research for competitors and personas as well.

Our Goal

Instead of overhauling the whole existing website, we had a tracking report of the user behavior in 20 years on their system. Thus, we determined focus on core features in the most common used by users.

We came up to give better practical, user-centered and modern experience to catch up in UX trend.

UX Research

We mixed and matched some UX technique to create the UX process suit with the situation at hand. 

Current Information Architecture

I spent two days to go through and figured out the content in entire portal website. Besides, I captured all about the screenshots as a convenient way to share my research things with teammate.

Current Portal Website

Write down the problem

The active way to approach the Main User Pain Points is to write down all UX problems that I assume need to improve. Of course, you can do it in mind so far, but you need to remember the thinking is the fastest way and easy to away, so your brain can’t capture on a long moments later. So, the writing is the best way to keep the ideas and put them out of the box. Our problems thus far are as follows:

Competitive Research

To be honest, I did not too much time for the competitive analysis research. Anyway, I tried all my best by conducting user testing sessions on these products to get insights and understand the market:

Going further through to the similar products as Global Relay, Proof Point, Smarsh, Mimecast and Actiance. To see what is competitors offering? What is the different thing with our product. Researching on the similar features as Gmail, Inbox and Outlook. To see how can they handle the message list with the huge item and how to quick action on the each message. Researching on the products focus about the Dashboard like Google Analytic.Moreover, we also have a look at design shots in Dribbble to collect more creative side.

Part 2: Here

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